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Earth Science - BS - Geophysics Emphasis

Earth Science Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

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Learning Outcomes

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree

Program Description

The Geophysics Emphasis of the Earth Science major involves study of Earth’s physical properties, including its magnetic and gravitational fields, planetary movements, and seismic activity. This emphasis includes monitoring volcanic activity, 3-D imaging of the Earth’s interior, modelling of earthquake rupture dynamics, and even exploration of how Earth’s fluid (atmosphere, oceans) and solid parts interact. We use principles of wave propagation, gravity, mechanics, and solid dynamics to understand diverse phenomena: How do earthquakes shake the surface? Where and why do tectonic plates bend and break? Are remote volcanoes erupting as you read this (and how could we tell…)? We train students in a range of skills used in the quantitative sciences and across industry, including signal processing, computer programming, spatial thinking, and quantitative reasoning.

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Graduate and Professional Pathways

  • Data Science

  • Resource management/extraction

  • Government Agencies/Labs

  • Geophysics

  • Seismology

  • Engineering (petroleum, mining, etc.)

Top Employers

  • US Geological Survey

  • Energy companies (e.g., Chevron, Shell, Schlumberger, BP)

  • Data Science (e.g., AECOM, Parsons)

Program Highlights

  • Our program hosts the Muckers Coterie, an undergraduate club for Earth Science majors and minors

  • Every student in the department has a faculty advisor

  • You do not have to be a field geologist (or even go into the field) to complete the Geophysics Emphasis

Related Disciplines

  • Geography

  • Environmental Science

  • Physics

  • Computer Science

Associated Interests

  • Earth

  • Data science

  • Hazard

  • Artificial intelligence

  • physics

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
(805) 893-8000

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