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Earth Science - BS - Geology Emphasis

Earth Science Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

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Learning Outcomes

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree

Program Description

The Geology Emphasis of the Earth Science major studies the past and on-going processes that have formed and modified the Earth's mantle and crust, and shaped the Earth's surface. This emphasis explores volcanism, faulting and seismicity, the growth and erosion of mountains, the development of sedimentary basins, the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, the origin and evolution of the continents, and the theory of plate tectonics. It emphasizes how the rock record is used to understand Earth processes and reconstruct Earth's history. Courses provide a comprehensive introduction to the full range of skills used by Earth scientists today, including field, analytical, and geospatial (GIS) techniques. The Geology Emphasis is recognized for its extensive field component.

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Graduate and Professional Pathways

  • Academia

  • Environmental consulting

  • Government

  • Earth Science

  • Environmental Studies

Top Employers

  • Consulting firms

  • Colleges and universities

  • United States Geological Survey and national labs

Program Highlights

  • Our program hosts the Muckers Coterie, an undergraduate club for Earth Science majors and minors

  • Every student in the department has a faculty advisor

  • There are opportunities for research and fieldwork

Related Disciplines

  • Geography

  • Environmental Science

  • Chemistry

  • Materials

  • Physics

Associated Interests

  • Earth

  • Chemistry

  • Tectonics

  • Physics

  • Climate change

  • Environment

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Santa Barbara, California 93106
(805) 893-8000

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