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Earth Science - BS - Climate and Environment Emphasis

Earth Science Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

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Learning Outcomes

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree

Program Description

The Climate and Environment Emphasis focuses on the study of Earth’s climate system in the broad context of the environment, including the analysis of past, present, and future changes, often drawing on the record of past and present processes preserved in continental and oceanic deposits. We address questions such as: How has climate changed in the past, and how do those changes compare to human-caused global warming? How do climate and surface environments interact with each other, and how have processes such as plate tectonics, carbon cycle and ocean-atmosphere evolution influenced environmental change? What tools are available to read the record of past and present climate and environments? We train students in a range of skills, including geochemistry and geophysics, computer programming and modeling, spatial thinking, and appreciation for the societal dimensions of climate and environmental crises.

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Graduate and Professional Pathways

  • Government agencies

  • Academia/education

  • Data analysis

  • Earth Science/Geology

  • Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences

  • Environmental Science

Top Employers


  • Universities and research institutions

  • Environmental consultants

Program Highlights

  • Our program hosts the Muckers Coterie, an undergraduate club for Earth Science majors and minors

  • Every student in the department has an individual faculty advisor

  • Earth Science graduates are well-qualified for many careers

Related Disciplines

  • Geography

  • Environmental Science

Associated Interests

  • Earth

  • Climate change

  • Environment

  • Global perspectives

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
(805) 893-8000

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