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Philosophy - BA

Philosophy Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

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Learning Outcomes

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree

Program Description

As a student in Philosophy, you’ll grapple with fundamental questions that engage all reflective people, but which apparently cannot be answered by the empirical sciences: Are our actions determined by forces over which we lack control, or is free choice possible? What distinguishes people from (non-human) animals? Are there objective standards of right and wrong, or is morality subjective? Does altruism exist or are people essentially self-interested? What are the limits of human knowledge? Can machines think? What is the relationship between mind and body?

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Graduate and Professional Pathways

  • Law

  • Government and politics

  • News and journalism

  • Business

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Philosophy

  • Law

  • Education

Top Employers

  • AppFolio (Software engineer)

  • Caltech (Program coordinator)

  • Baton Rouge School District (Classroom teaching, special education)

Program Highlights

  • Our program offers two tracks that lead to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Core Philosophy, and Ethics and Public Policy

Related Disciplines

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • Political Science

  • Physics

  • Other Humanities subjects

Associated Interests

  • Analysis

  • Justice

  • Ethics

  • Cognitive science

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