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Feminist Studies - BA

Feminist Studies Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts

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Learning Outcomes

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree

Program Description

Feminist Studies is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that examines how gender and sexuality impact every aspect of our lives. Our faculty approach gender from a critical, global, and intersectional perspective that centers the knowledge, movements, and survival strategies of people most targeted by gender-based violence and inequality. As a student in our department, you’ll learn to identify the gendered dimensions of today's most pressing issues and to produce timely and original research that helps us understand our past and present and that contributes to creating a more just future. During your studies, you’ll build broad expertise on issues of gender and sexuality, preparing you for further academic training, leadership in feminist and LGBTQ organizations, and a vast range of other careers. Our department's particular areas of strength include Black cultural studies, queer theory, trans studies, labor studies, migration studies, reproductive justice, and performance studies.

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Graduate and Professional Pathways

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Social work

  • Law

  • Community organizing

  • Higher education

  • Gender Studies

  • Ethnic Studies

  • Law

  • Public Policy

Top Employers

  • Universities/Colleges

  • Non-profit organizations

  • local and national politics

Program Highlights

  • We were the first department to have an endowed chair, thanks to socially conscious feminist Kristin Hull, daughter of Blair Hull

  • UCSB was the second UC, after UCLA, to have a Feminist Studies graduate program

  • The majority of our majors are from underrepresented groups or people of color

Related Disciplines

  • Sociology & Anthropology

  • Ethnic Studies

  • film and cultural studies

  • English

  • History

Associated Interests

  • Racial justice

  • Global perspectives

  • Trans and queer rights

  • Sexuality

  • Film and culture

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
(805) 893-8000

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